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    SONOS CONNECT Wireless HiFi Wifi Player


    Stream all the music on earth to your stereoWireless, easy to set up music playerPlay alone, or link to other Sonos music players in your homeControl from anywhere with your smartphone or tablet

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    SONOS CONNECT:AMP Wireless amplifier


    Turn wired speakers into a music streaming Sonos system
    SONOS CONNECT:AMP turns your speakers into a music streaming Sonos system. Just attach CONNECT:AMP to your bookshelf, floor-standing, outdoor, or in-ceiling speakers. With 55W of amplifying power, stream all the music on earth wirelessly to any room. No receiver needed.

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    SONOS PLAY1 Wireless Wifi Speaker


    PLAY:1’s custom-designed 3.5” mid-woofer and tweeter, each with a dedicated amplifier, deliver rich, powerful sound, with crystal clear highs and deep, rolling lows for pitch-perfect HiFi music.

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    SONOS PLAY5 Wireless HiFi Wifi Speaker


    The PLAY:5 uses 5 state-of-the-art digital amplifiers individually coupled with 5 speakers to deliver superior sound to any room. A subwoofer produces powerful bass while two mid-range drivers and two tweeters fill out the sound.

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    SONOS PLAYBAR Wireless HiFi Wifi Sound bar


    Complements HD television screens with richly textured HiFi sound.Wirelessly streams all the music on earth.Simple to set up, control and expand. Requires just two cords: one power cord, one optical cord (both included).

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    SONOS SUB Sub-Woofer


    Fills an entire room with thick layers of deep, bottomless sound that lets you hear and feel every chord, kick, splash and roll. You won’t just hear the difference our wireless subwoofer makes – you’ll feel it in your bones.